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~Python~ 46歳、初めてのプログラミング - My first time coding at the age of 46

週末の土曜日に、Django Girls というコミュニティが開催した女子向けのプログラミング勉強会に参加して、初めてプログラミングというものを体験した。言語は、Python

私の本業は、翻訳業なので同じ言語といっても、1+1=2 とは限らないでしょ、的な文学世界よりのところで生きてきたので、今回プログラミング言語を初めていじってみてそのとても論理的な動き方とやり取りにまず、怯んだと同時に感動に近いものもあった。



The last Saturday, I participated a seminar for Python beginners. This was the first time I coded something. One of my English teacher taught me how to write html a little bit long long time ago, but I have never used it myself.

The seminar was organized exclusively for girls by Django Girls and eLV. It was Saturday afternoon, but there were a lot of girls who want to learn about Python or how to code with Python.

My profession has been related to languages, because I am an English-Japanese translator over a decade, but never used programming languages. So, when I first tried to write codes, I felt some resistant but also fascinated as it is so logical and it was like I am making some kind of conversational ball roling with someone inside the laptop. That made me belatedly understand how genius those people are who develped these programming languages. Is this how coders become into it? Maybe...  

At the moment, I have no intention to develop any application or whatsoever, but I think I'd love to develop Python skill just for fun for the time being.